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We have found issues with the latest updates to Design Nav. We are using Windows Internet Explorer (Win Vista). When compiling the report it was now NOT attaching all the information correctly and identifying that all the methods FAIL when on the main page the Calculation Method Complies (job reference for example 21144). Also the Print button does not appear. Furthermore the last version of Design Nav. the report only identified information relating to the method that it COMPLIES with, and does not show all the information for the methods that Fail - unfortunately within the new report it is now identifying all information (majority of which FAILS)

Also we are having issues with some information windows (floor/wall/roof after entering information) when we want to Submit the information - sometimes after clicking submit it will not enter the information and not close the window down, other times it will close the window down but does not submit the new values.

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Postby Albrecht Stoecklein » Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:53 pm


Thanks a lot for letting me know. Thanks also for the detailed description of the problem. That will help a lot to fix the problems.

It seems these are issues in Internet Explorer. It all works fine in Firefox.

I have now reverted back to the previous version and things should be back to normal. Also your saved projects should be fine. You possibly have to reset the wall thermal mass levels in any projects that you created or modified yesterday and today, though.

I am not sure about the issues with the editing windows (floor, walls, etc). I have not really made any changes to these. So could you please let me know whether this problem is still occuring now that I reverted back to the original version.

Just a note: The new report on purpose shows only the complying methods. I had feedback from the BCAs that showing both complying and failing methods is confusing. Therefore I show all of the methods (complying and failing ones) in the new tab menus. That would allow you to identify why certain methods fail.

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