R value of house

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R value of house

Postby contactknoxy » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:14 am

Hi there I was trying to work out the R value of my house for my floor as I'll be renting it out and I need to achieve a R0.9 value based on insulation that was installed prior to 2016 (R value is less)

My calcs as follows
1) internal resistance 0.09
2) hardward floor 18m thick 0.09 (excludes carpet at this point of time)
3) Framing at 150 x 50 joists 600 centres 0.087
4) Foil to u/s of joist (no thermal rating for foil by its self)
5) Air gap created between flooring and foil - assume similar to wall 0.58
6) Foundation sheltered 600 high 0.24
Total is 0.09+0.09+0.087+0+0.58+0.24 = R1.006

Sound about right??
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